2020 turned the world upside down.

For events and experiences, there is no going back to the 'way things were'.

In June 2020, we published our Experiences Evolved suite. Brought to you in two parts, our report explored the challenges and obstacles that lie ahead in a post COVID-19 world and our playbook considered how to plan, design and produce future events.

Building on the 2021 Trends Report produced by our global GPJ team, we have localised the trends for the Australian & New Zealand market.

Download your copy below

2021 Trends Report

A George P. Johnson Australia & New Zealand Report, February 2021.

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Would you like to unpack the 2021 trends further?

Please contact our General Manager , Marc Iacono at marc.iacono@gpj.com, to see how we can help you unpack your engagement challenges and uncover insight-driven ideas.

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