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A data-enhanced end-to-end audience experience.

How can we inspire our primary audience of CMOs, CIOs and CEOs to become leaders of digital innovation in their respective industries when the rate of innovation in A/NZ is at only 17%?

While innovation is stated as a priority for this audience, recent local IBM studies showed that fear of failure was the main factor holding CEOs, CMOs and CIOs back from achieving their innovation ambitions.


We sought to build a like-minded community with common challenges and goals in order to inspire confidence and forge deeper partnerships, which would in turn cultivate the willingness to innovate.

To foster this community, GPJ created and implemented a digital initiative which leveraged delegates’ data to create new connections and personalised experiences.

The programme gathered insights from data points including delegate badges that pinged off strategically placed gateways.

These insights then updated the delegate’s in-app agenda and highlighted content that would be of interest to them in real-time. This resulted in a better individual experience, but also built community by connecting delegates with similar interests and challenges.

We delivered the data to IBM post-event as a sales dashboard that enabled their teams to have highly focused follow-up conversations and achieve a higher win percentage.

After three months of strategic and creative development, we brought the idea to life for 2000+ attendees at the IBM Think Summit in Sydney.

We developed and built six campuses, several engaging activations, allowed delegates to take part in a diversity and inclusion campaign called #BeEqual, built a bespoke keynote stage with stunning presentations and a moving opening performance.

There was everything from escape rooms to an underwater VR experience and replica Quantum Chandelier.

These elements were part of an overall customer journey that included hands-on activations, tech talks and IBM-led demos, all underpinned by data capture and real-time delivery of content and recommendations that helped build community.

We understand from attendee feedback that this community creation strategy not only represented the ‘new IBM’, but inspired them to take action towards a more innovative future.

Out of 354 surveys completed, attendees gave the overall event an average score of 9 out of 10.

“From the Keynote, Ideas Exchange and Think Tanks, right through to the management of our international guests and the online client experience; you made it look so easy but we couldn’t have done it without you. You have raised the bar.” - Senior Executive, IBM Australia & New Zealand. 

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