Opportunity to celebrate the newly renovated Cellar and launching Cloudy Bay’s new branding of the Sauvignon Blanc 2022 vintage.


Over the years Cloudy Bay has been working hard on their brand, adjusting it to attract a younger audience to cement brand affiliation. As well as this; the original Founders Cellar, built in 1985, has been renovated and the cellar door almost ready to open again to the public.

Both these momentous occasions aligned in September 2022 – thus making the perfect time to celebrate.


Invited 150 attendees consisting of Cloudy Bays: Growers, Estates & Wines, Excom, Winery & Production, along with suppliers, MH NZ and VIPs. Together the attendees dined in the in the newly renovated cellar, celebrating the launch of the new brand, while sipping on the new Sauvignon Blanc 2022 vintage.


As guests arrived they were directed through different parts of the cellar, keeping each space fresh and created a big reveal moment when they entered the dinner location.