Touring Australia and New Zealand to help more businesses work better

In February and March 2023, ServiceNow had planned an eight city roadshow across ANZ with a set of ambitious goals and targets, including participation, brand and business KPIs. GPJ was engaged in the lead-up to this summit series to help create a strategic platform that would help deliver on their objectives.

Together we completed a SWOT analysis focused on where ServiceNow is positioned in ANZ, exploring the key messages and channels available, as well as how to communicate the right messages to the right people in the right place at the right time.

The event experience was built around the needs of the customer, asking “What would make your business work better?” which flipped the usual narrative to make it feel more personal, more interactive and more relevant.

To help drive this, GPJ devised an end-to-end communications strategy, which included:

  • Social media content – featuring videos with ServiceNow’s ANZ Managing Director 
  • Real time participation – via the integration of Slido into the live events for high levels of engagement and useful data for post-event engagement
  • MC scripting – alongside the production of all content decks
  • Video case study – featuring Gold Coast Health, a ServiceNow customer
  • Video stings – including an intro video for the our guest speaker Adam Jacobs at the Sydney event 
  • Post-Event communications – eDM copy and social media tiles

Across the live summit tour, GPJ was responsible for the pre and onsite production of all eight events, including venue management, technical and AV, content management, show decks and supporting documentation, plus several intimate lunch sessions, and networking sessions post Summit.  

  • Over 1,200 attendees across Australia and New Zealand
  • Generated 84% of the target pipeline