Bringing together Toyota Australia’s employee base for a first-of-its-kind event featuring live performances, an expo, and the strategic future vision by Senior Leaders.

Toyota Australia enlisted GPJ to create a platform for the Toyota EMC (Executive Management Committee) to effectively communicate the 2030 Vision & Strategy via a medium that encourages a two-way dialogue, in which staff can engage and enrich their understanding of Toyota Australia’s onward journey. We created a two-day experience to help Toyota bring together its entire employee base for a first-of-its-kind event: the Inaugural Teammates Convention 2022 (ITC).

The event featured a live didgeridoo performance, a 20-strong choir, and engaging presentations from senior leaders who outlined their strategic vision for the future. To tangibly demonstrate Toyota’s vision for Beyond Zero, GPJ created The Pulse; an immersive expo of Toyota’s most exciting strategic innovations. Here, Teammates could touch, feel, listen, see and experience the tactical implementation of strategies specially designed to support and enrich their individual working lives.

82% of staff ranked the ITC Very good or Outstanding, while 74% said that they felt ‘more acknowledged in their role’ and 85% said that they had a ‘clearer understanding of Toyota Beyond Zero strategy and vision as a result of the event. With the success of the program in 2022, Toyota Australia is exploring opportunities to now instate this program as an ongoing fixture.