A music-inspired activation designed to help tennis fans better understand Yonex’s role as the official string partner of the Grand Slam tournament.

Yonex has been the official string partner of the Australian Open (AO) for five years. But fans at the event had a low level of understanding of the impact that the right strings can have on their game.

Tennis fans love the game. Many who go to watch the AO also play recreationally. We tapped into their passion for the game to tell Yonex’s brand story in a way that tennis fans could relate to–through play.

The result was Yonex Fine Tuned–a tennis-inspired music video activation to test the precision and accuracy of fans and showcased the importance of high-quality strings. The game itself combined on-screen content with a real tennis racquet-style guitar that featured four colour-coded Yonex strings running up its neck.

When a song played, the strings would come to life on-screen, with tennis balls running along them in time with the music. As the tennis balls reached the bottom of the screen the fan earned points by striking the corresponding physical Yonex strings protruding from the screen. The more accuracy and precision, the higher the score.

Yonex Fine Tuned was a smash with fans.

  • More than 4,800 fans played
  • 125 hours of gameplay across 16 days
  • 174% increase in audience engagement year on year