We’ve all been working remotely, behind at-home cameras, for quite some time now and are feeling the pressure of isolation, digital clutter and screen fatigue.

As brands, businesses and people, we need to connect but there are only so many Zoom meetings, Google Hangouts and Facetimes you can log in to before they become tired and dull. As audiences, we are desperate for high-quality branded content that entertains, engages and informs. It’s why we have come together with the Fordham Company and Canon’s SunStudios, to create Ready to Roll – a creative partnership that is ready—right now—to help you create highly engaging, broadcast-quality content that will cut through all the clutter.

Ready to Roll covers everything from ideation, scriptwriting and storyboarding, to talent, casting and training, as well as world-class studio spaces, the latest Canon cameras, lighting equipment, and set design and build.

Creativity from Chaos

As companies, we share a commitment to quality, professionalism, and creativity with the same goal of elevating our clients’ needs during this unprecedented time for businesses and the creative industry. We knew from market feedback that at-home viewers were facing online-meeting fatigue from unpolished webinars that failed to grab their attention. We believe they needed to be reminded that a digital experience can also include a ‘wow factor’ with engaging content.

The idea for this partnership was sparked through friendly outreach; industry buddies checking in on one another amidst the changes our companies were experiencing in response to COVID-19. Banter turned into ideation, and through our motivation to support each other, we agreed upon a new three-for-one offer, Ready to Roll. Our goal is for brands to remember that quality and content are paramount for audiences to tune-in, stay engaged, and recall information.

Through the Fordham Company, we are able to provide immediate access to Australian’s top celebrity talents including Lisa Wilkinson, Sylvia Jeffreys and Mark Taylor amongst others, to take your digital experience to new level. Sun Studios, owned and operated by Canon, bring a wide range of lighting, photography and premium cinema equipment, camera bodies and lenses, mounts, projectors and more from branches in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Socially Distanced, Safe Environments

Adhering to all safe-distancing regulations, we have designed custom packages that allow in-studio access at limited numbers while creating professionally produced videos, live-streaming video, and talent resources.

Practicing safe-distancing, cleanliness of the studio and the health of staff, crew, and those on-set is among the top priorities for the new partnership. We’ve place considerable importance on security measures for those in studio including temperature checks, disinfectant usage and production teams working remotely. We are working well within the current government guidance and monitoring updates daily.

We’re Ready to Roll

Ready to Roll can provide you with an easy option for professional video outputs for your own brands and businesses that may currently be relying on at-home recordings without the guidance of production or talent coaching.

We have three packages that include everything your team needs to produce high quality, in-studio creative assets and streaming capabilities available in both Sydney and Melbourne.

To find out more, contact Marc Iacano