A truly sustainable experience to promote a positive future for Australian agriculture

Asia Pacific’s premier agrifood tech innovation experience is a pinnacle face-to-face event for the entire ecosystem. Committed to bringing the everyone together in the one room, 2023 marked three years since the last evokeAG program took place. 

The disruptive impact of the pandemic highlighted serious shortfalls in food security systems. However, balanced with an extremely productive Australian agricultural landscape including big yields, and all-time high prices, the evokeAG. 2023 event brought together the best local and global minds to address some of these issues.

To facilitate these conversations, and welcome international delegates back to the region, we sought to return to the core fundamentals and values of what evokeAG. represents: connection, collaboration, innovation, action, and evolution for a sustainable future.

GPJ explored how farming, technology, innovation, and people have the power to do great things and bring great ideas to life so humbly and honestly. From this insight, the theme: Down To Earth | evokeAG  2023 was born. To convey this, we created a natural, earthy, sustainable experience like never before and  piloted our proprietary sustainability tracking tool, TRACE to measure our outputs across the project.   

Hosted at The Adelaide Convention Centre to a 1,600-strong audience over two days, we delivered: 

  • A creators arena – bringing to life extraordinary stories from across the world
  • A showcase of over 40 exhibitors – all with class-leading sustainabilities:
    • 90% of exhibition signage was an eco Re-board. Re-board is the most environmentally-friendly board of its kind. 
    • No waste  from any exhibition build elements
    • All signage went straight into a recycling program directly from site 
    • All exhibition structures / timber houses were built from sustainability sourced pine, and reused / repurposed post event
    • No single-use plastic in food or beverage service.
    • 494 kgs of food items were donated to OzHarvest.

The return of this international event for AgriFutures Australia presented opportunities and potential solutions for a diverse and incredibly important sector. It accomplished what it set out to do; to facilitate connection, collaboration and camaraderie in a sector entering a new era of innovation and opportunity in 2023 and beyond.