Empowering kiwi retailers with the digital tools and skills to succeed in unprecedented times.


Retailers in NZ were lacking understanding of how online marketing activity boosts offline sales ,and how they could measure omni-channel ROI. This came into sharp focus during COVID-19, which forced significant change in Kiwi shopping behaviours & increased international retail competition to meet consumers’ stay-at-home needs. 

To address this challenge head-on, Google NZ wanted to position itself as a local & trusted thought leader, ready to help struggling Kiwi retailers with unparalleled retail marketing advice.


A unique, digital, four-day educational event series around the theme: “The Changed Retail Landscape and How You Can Win this Holiday Season.” 

This virtual live-broadcast event used Google Meet to reach their audience online. Attendees were encouraged to engage with private Q&A, pop quizzes and personal interactive stories. To maintain the flow of the broadcast, questions were submitted through Google Forms, shared through a link in the chat function. Questions from the form were vetted and then relayed to a foldback monitor for the speakers to answer.


The first ever Google Think Retail event in New Zealand was a massive success, engaging over 200 brands, agency executives and practitioners across the four days. The digital engagement tactics helped to achieve a 99% ‘view-through to the end of session’ rate, easily surpassing the global benchmark of 60%

Google were able to successfully shift their market influence and awareness with 50% of attendees reporting that the event improved their perception of Google and an incredible 95% agreed that Google Think provides useful insights for their business.

“This event was much better than others I’ve joined remotely recently—good length, the right amount of content, relevant to the NZ market and the presenter style and set up was very nice.”

Countdown New Zealand 

“Well done team, loving the virtual events. Keep it up!” 

The Warehouse Group