A journey of extraordinary sensations.

In 2019, Tourism Western Australia enlisted GPJ to create an experiential event within the Australian Tourism Expo (ATE) to promote the diversity of Western Australia (WA) and highlight the exciting developments the area has undergone in recent years.

Despite these new developments, the outdated perception that WA is like a big country town still prevailed. Changing this perception among buyers and sellers of tourism worldwide was the primary goal of the event.

We were keen to understand what drives people to travel and identified that a key influence is the feeling of wanderlust, that irresistible travel impulse we get when we are exposed to a place so extraordinary it compels us to board a plane.

Coupled with this, we also know that our senses are the gateways to creating vivid, memorable experiences that ignite those impulses and fuel the stories everyone is eager to indulge.

For one night only, we created WAnderlust: an experience that allowed ATE attendees to see, hear, taste, smell and touch the wonders of WA.

The event encouraged attendees to sample WA through a sensory overload, showcasing the beauty and diversity of the region.

Designing an experience for each sense, the evening included a bespoke menu and wine pairing, a custom botanical perfumery, live pearl harvesting, as well as moving musical and cultural performances.

We integrated the event activity with an engagement strategy and provided content creation moments throughout the venue, encouraging guests to share personalised content across their social media channels.

This allowed the event experience to extend well beyond the boundaries of the physical space, engaging those near and far with visually stunning backdrops and igniting their WAnderlust too.

The event surpassed all expectations.

• Almost a 100% attendance rate with 1,200 registered and 1,192 in attendance on the night

• Unprecedented engagement with our activations with over 750 vials of perfume created over a 4-hour period

• 1700+ individual posts on Instagram, multiple shares, and press releases, all celebrating the experience