An a-maze-ing way to educate tennis fans on Yonex strings and their Japanese craftsmanship.

Each year, GPJ is engaged to help bring Yonex’s string partnership at the Australian Open to life in unique ways for attendees. In 2023, in addition to the delivering Yonex Official AO Launch event and an exclusive Player DIstribution Room, we once again looked to reimagine, renew and refresh Yonex’s A.O activation in a way that would surprise and engage the audience in a crowded environment.

On Saturday 14th January, in the lead up to the AO tournament, Yonex hosted a launch event at Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club that allowed them to champion 07VCORE with special guest speakers and players from the Yonex Team. During the day, fun on-court activations occurred where guests could attend to try out the new VCore racquet.

For the Australian Open itself, we built our activation around the idea that finding the right string for your game can sometimes feel like a bit of a maze. Not only do you have to choose the material of your strings to suit your level and game style, you also have to choose how much tension you want them strung at depending on whether you want more power, control or forgiveness.

From this, the Yonex String Maze was born: A super-fun laser maze that challenged people of all ages to find their way through to unlock the right string and set up for their game. 

The timed experience was an absolute hit! 

Everyone who participated absolutely loved it, with the experience booked out every day and many coming back multiple times to beat their score. Patrons were even asking what the activation hashtag was so they could include it in their social posts.


Total experiences at the Yonex Maze : 5980 
Total attendees at the Yonex Official Launch event : 210