Experiences have unmatched power to shift behaviours. This is why we do what we do at GPJ: meaningfully connect audiences with your brand to help you achieve your business goals.

We listen to your objectives, work with the best people, and deliver extraordinary experience campaigns that leave a lasting impression. To achieve this, one thing many of our clients ask us about is gamification and its benefits.

What is gamification?

Gamification is a strategic implementation of game elements and mechanics, such as scoring points or driving competition, to boost user engagement with a product or service. By infusing mundane or standard tasks with elements that trigger a sense of enjoyment, interactivity, and reward, gamification taps into the human desire for that satisfying burst of dopamine.

Our emotions have a significant impact on our actions and decision-making processes. Similar to experience marketing, gamification can evoke genuine and powerful human emotions, making it a highly effective approach.

We take great delight in exploring how gamification can assist our clients in achieving their desired outcomes. Below are a few examples of successful projects we’ve delivered, where gamification played a pivotal role in making tasks more compelling and enjoyable.

Gamified educational experiences

Power Up is an educational platform housing fun, WA-inspired, character-based games designed to help Synergy’s customers learn about energy efficiency in a new way. Solving and progressing through the games reinforced the defined learning objectives and game mechanics were used to help customers better understand how to read and interpret their bills as well as new energy technologies and their benefits. Here is the full story.

Gamified sponsorship experiences

Yonex’s most recent sponsorship activation at the Australian Open (AO) was the Yonex String Maze, which delivered a fast, fun way for families to learn about racquet string tension while racing through a course of super fine lasers. In 2022 the gamified sponsorship experience was called Fine Tuned; a tennis-inspired music video activation to test the precision and accuracy of fans and showcased the importance of high-quality strings. Read more about these activations here and here.

Gamified employee experiences

The 3D digital ‘Through the Years’ exhibition allowed Atlassians to explore the history, culture and people of the organisation through immersive worlds that represented various key moments on their journey. With a 7m 22s average engagement time per user and 10.2k collectibles found, it is clear that this gamified experience caught the attention of Atlassians around the world. Check out the full case study here.

Want to learn more about how gamification can be used to enhance your next experience?

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