Happier, engaged employees lead to better performance.

This is why we are passionate about creating employee experiences that help you set your teams up for success.

We know that the best employee experiences…

  • Are authentic: Showing up authentically is critical. Creating an environment where people feel safe, secure, and comfortable showing up as their whole selves comes from leading by example.
  • Make you feel: Great experiences are memorable because they make us feel something. They cut through the clutter and make us stop and think. These experiences connect with us at a deeper level.
  • Move you: The way you think, act, feel. They should uplift and inspire, provoke, empower, educate or reward you. Whatever the impact, you should walk away from the experience feeling like something has changed.
  • Leave a lasting impression: Employee experiences are not a single moment in time. It is vital that the messages continue to be reinforced long after the experience has been delivered.

Armed with this knowledge, check out our top tips to keep in mind when planning your next employee experience


With hybrid and flexible working location policies the norm now, the moments you bring your employees together in person have never been more important. 

Simply being together in the same room doesn’t create culture. Intentionally curating a valuable and enjoyable experience is key. And where matters. With home and the office both being spaces to work from, it is important to take people to new spaces that break them out of their day-to-day; that inspire and excite. This will set you off on the right foot.


Experiences, designed with people at the heart, have unmatched power to elevate emotions and shift mindsets in powerful, positive ways.

Think about how to engage your people in a two-way conversation rather than treating them as passive recipients of a message. Surveys and live polls are an easy place to start.

If you want to connect, energise and align your people around a business strategy or initiative, enabling them to participate will help your message stick. It creates a sense of belonging; gives them skin in the game. As a result, they are likely to take greater responsibility for the role they can play in your organisation’s vision.


A positive employee experience can foster strong company culture and drive business objectives. However, it is only truly effective if it is authentic. Your people will see straight through it if it is not.

When planning your next employee experience, start with your purpose. Why do you do what you do? What sits at the heart of your organisation? From here, unpack what this means for your people. How does it relate to their role? How can they play a part in delivering this purpose?

When you get this right, you will find your people walk away feeling engaged and motivated about the contribution they are making.

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We’d love to chat more about how, together, we can create extraordinary employee experiences that leave a lasting impression. Check out our case studies to find out more about the employee experiences we have delivered in partnership with our clients: Atlassian’s 20th Anniversary, Toyota’s Teammates Convention and Powered X Optus!